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Quality Control System

FLAG-APEX Quality Control System is based on AQL 2.5


  • To ensure that Buyer’s quality expectations are met as defined in the specification and other Buyer’s instructions.
  • To prevent or minimize losses from quality claims.


  • Flag-Apex Technicians and QC staff educate and train factory technical staff in making the garments with the required quality in the pre-production phase.
  • Flag-Apex QC staff does daily quality control checking all steps of production.
  • Quality control and production mistakes are personalized and documented in the daily quality report.
  • Process control is accompanied by immediate instructions for corrective actions and their implementation is strictly monitored.


Flag-Apex QC staff will:

1. Piece-Goods Quality Checking:
  • Make sure the factory does 10 % inspection of the in-coming fabrics for visual defects, roll length and width, and fabric shrinkage.
  • Send photos or samples of visual defects to the Buyer to verify the acceptable ones. In case of disputes with the fabric mill, Flag-Apex will act as a mediator and will facilitate negotiations.
  • Initiate and instruct the factory on corrective actions on avoiding and cutting out fabric defects.
2. Cutting Department Quality Control:
  • Supervise making a size set of garments and assure measurements are according to specification.
  • Review the markers to make sure the layout is correct.
  • Monitor that specific instructions for cutting the fabrics are followed.
3. Inline Quality Control:
  • Make sure the operators know the requirements and all the machines are regulated. Keep records for each Operator until the final audit has been completed.
  • Provide in-line control for all operations as per instructions and document the findings. Advice on corrective actions and provide instructions for handling rejected bundles
4. Final Statistical Auditing:
  • Conduct final audit by selecting at random according to statistical plan to verify client’s specifications. Inspect for quality and size problems as per instructions and accuracy in labels.
  • Verify merchandise to contract.
  • Lots with acceptable quality level are released for shipment. Flag-Apex technician signs Final Inspection Report and Inspection Certificate.

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