Apparel buying services     Trim and Production Sourcing in Bulgaria and the Region
Trim and Production Sourcing in Bulgaria and the Region

Flag - Apex Ltd. was initially set up as an information office and one of its main services has always been providing information to our customers.

Production Sourcing and Placing Orders

We keep an extensive database of factories and suppliers on the Bulgarian and regional markets, which is constantly updated. Our quality controllers monitor the Bulgarian sewing factories on a timely basis and make reports on their capacity, equipment and possibilities for production. Based on this knowledge we can offer our customers the best factories for their production.

Our production department acts as a local unit for our clients and:

  • Presents a list of Bulgarian factories with their production profiles to the client
  • Negotiates the prices and the production terms with chosen factory
  • Translates and adjusts the technical documentation for production
  • Inspects the production process on a weekly basis
  • Provides weekly reports
  • Makes final inspection as per AQL-2.5 standards

Our technicians, production coordinators and quality controllers work together to ensure high quality and the timely shipments of the garments.

Trim Sourcing
Our merchandisers keep samples and up-to-date information about the materials and trims available on the local market. They can immediately organize supply and delivery upon request.

Logistics Management, Legal and Payment Issues

Flag Apex Ltd. provides assistance in Logistics Management, Legal and Payment Issues.

We can organize:

  • Transport of fabrics and materials from mills and suppliers to Bulgarian factories following customer requests for time and cost
  • Delivery of ready garments /in carton boxes or hangers/ to the final customer destination at best price and time, providing all documents under customs regulations
  • Tracking of parcels
  • Providing information on timely basis for merchandise deliveries

Our experts will be happy to serve you.

Please send your requests for production orders, trim sourcing and logistics to

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