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Pattern and Sample Making CAD/CAM Services

To achieve high level of flexibility, Flag-Apex is pleased to offer you the full range of CAD/CAM services including:

  • Pattern making – if you have a sketch or a picture with measurements we can generate a basic pattern for you.
  • Modifications of an existing pattern – if you are not satisfied with the fit we can offer suggestions and help you with the pattern correction and/or modification as necessary.
  • Digital insert – if your patterns are on paper only, we can load them in the system for further computer processing such as grading, making of markers and plotting, sending by E-mail, etc.
  • Grading – your model will easily be graded in the desired size without affecting its outer appearance in the different sizes.
  • Making of markers – we ensure highly economical consumption of material providing computerized arrangement of the patterns with minimum waste.
  • Plotting – we can plot your markers on thermo-adhesive or normal paper.

Prices for CAD/ CAM services are based on the number of details in the style.

For a price list and terms please send your request to

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